Next to the typical yellow coloured searchlights, Pesch GmbH also produces Seematz window wipers. The straight-line wipers cover a maximal square surface of the window. All parts are of stainless steel, except for the housing of the window wipers. Those are made of seawater resistant aluminium.  End position switches, thermostatically controlled heating (100W) and the necessary tubes for the spray wash facility are standard fittings.


All the Seematz type window wipers are designed for rough conditions and are made of the best seawater resitant metals. Besides this, Seematz has designed their window wipers with ease of use and replacement in mind. Because of their incomplicated and robust build, spare parts are easy to replace and in most cases even replacable without tools.


    • Two continuous speeds
    • Three-step interval
    • Two additional functions per wiper possible (for example window heating, spray water)
    • Status control by LED for each wiper in operation
    • Various panel sizes available


    • Input voltages 24VDC, 110VAC, 230VAC, 400VAC, 440VAC
    • Two continuous speeds
    • Five-step interval
    • Group functions starting from 2 wipers
    • Various panel sizes available


    • MODBUS- capable control
    • Up to 24 wipers on one panel in a group
    • Five-step interval
    • “Single sweep” function
    • Various panel sizes available

Pesch Seematz window wipers comparison

Marine ruitenwissers

Motoren - 24VDC
De geleiders voor de wisserarmen zijn gemaakt van temperatuur- en wrijvingsbestendig kunststof. De geleiders worden aangedreven door een roestvrijstalen ketting, welke weer wordt aangedreven door twee in serie geschakelde 24 VDC-motoren per wisser. Hierdoor blijven de ruitenwissers werken, zelfs bij de meest extreme weersomstandigheden.


Bijna geen geluidsvervuiling
De motoren van de ruitenwissers zitten in een waterbestendige behuizing, geïntegreerd in de behuizing, bevestigd aan de buitenkant van het stuurhuis. Hierdoor is het geluid van de motoren/wissers in het stuurhuis bijna te verwaarlozen.

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