Seematz window wipers type


Seematz window wipers type


Seematz window wipers type


Marine Window Wipers

Next to the typical yellow coloured searchlights, Pesch GmbH also produces Seematz window wipers. The straight-line wipers cover a maximal square surface of the window. All parts are of stainless steel, except for the housing of the window wipers. Those are made of seawater resistant aluminium.  End position switches, thermostatically controlled heating (100W) and the necessary tubes for the spray wash facility are standard fittings.


Motors of 24VDC
The guides for the wiper arms are made of temperature and friction resistant plastic material. The guides are driven by a stainless steel chain, which is powered by two series connected 24VDC motors per wiper. Therefore, the wipers do function even under extreme weather conditions.


Almost no noise pollution
The motors of the Seematz window wipers are placed in a water resistant housing, integrated in the housing which is installed on the outside of the wheelhouse. As a result, the sound pressure inside the wheelhouse is almost negligible.

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