Searchlights and window wipers spare parts are available from stock. When ordered before 14.00hrs CET, goods are shipped the same day.

Simplicity and reliability
Replacing the lamp or other parts in a Seematz searchlight is very simple thanks to the construction with a removable unit. This removable unit integrates the back plate, mirror, electrical foundation, socket, lamp and optional heating. To gain access to the unit and all the mentioned parts, only a series of stainless quick-release spanners should be opened. This can all be done without using tools.

Seematz searchlights are very robust and fail proof, due to which they are used in very demanding environments, since many years.

Lamp choice
The searchlights from Pesch Seematz can, for example, containĀ halogen, xenon or LED lamps. Halogen lamps are chosen for the low price as well as for the wide beam for close operations, including man overboard situations. Xenon is recommended when a high amount of light, a narrow angle or a long distance range is necessary. Xenon also delivers a bright colour including a large part of the blue spectrum, making it the most suitable for arctic environments.

LED is often chosen for its long lifespan and low cost of ownership (almost no maintenance). The latest versions of LED searchlights also offer various new advantages: a wide beam LED searchlight is even more suitable for close operations than halogen, while a 463 LED narrow beam is capable of meeting the high demands for use onboard FiFi ships.

Seematz searchlight