The brand Seematz is part of the Pesch Gmbh corporation, an innovative production company that exists since 1970. The company started to specialize in the production of sturdy searchlights already in the ‘70s.


Particularly, maintaining in service in the highly demanding environment of open sea was a precondition to the development of the Seematz searchlights, since the roughest conditions are to be found onboard seagoing vessels.


The many years of experience with the Seematz searchlights were taken into account while developing straight line window wipers. Today, with more than 45 years of experience gained in the maritime sector, Seematz offers searchlights and straight line window wipers of unparalleled quality and reliability.


Since 1984, Theunissen is representing the Seematz searchlights and window wipers for the Benelux area.

Seematz pesch logo