Upgrade to LED


Introducing the next development stage of Seematz searchlights: the 273 and the 351 models are now available with a highly efficient LED light source. Also, the existing 463 LED model has been completely revised. The latest 463 LED light meets the numerous customer requests for an even longer range and a higher light output with LED.


Extended range
The 463wb (wide beam) LED searchlight only consumes 220 Watt and, in an 11° bundle, creates 36.000Lm of light output. The searchlight is ideal for mid-range distances, up to about 1.000 meter, and can be seen as an interesting alternative for either a 1.000 Watt or even a 2.000 Watt halogen searchlight, currently the most used searchlights . A notable difference with the halogen searchlights, besides the clear bright light, is the width of the beam. With an 11° angle, it is almost twice as wide as a halogen searchlight (6°), which makes it an ideal searchlight for close range operations.


LED alternative for FiFi light
For a maximum range, the 463nb (narrow beam) has been developed. A light output of 20.000 Lumen is generated, while consuming only 205 Watt of power. The light is guided into a narrow bundle of only 3°, which realizes a DIN range of more than 3.000m.
Onboard dedicated Firefighting ships, specific requirements are set for searchlights to be allowed for use on these rescue vessels. The 463nb is the first LED based searchlight to meet these requirements. Previously, a 450W xenon searchlight was mostly used for this purpose.

LED searchlight

Advantages of LED searchlights

  • Low power consumption
  • Long service life up to 50.000 hours
  • Vibration-free
  • Brilliant white light
  • Available in wide beam (wb) or narrow beam (nb)
  • Changing the lightsource belongs to history

Seematz LED
seematz LED alternative

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