Seematz searchlights are available in three types of light, LED, Halogen and Xenon. Halogen lamps offer competitive price levels combined with ample of light and a rather wide beam, suitable for close operations, including man overboard situations. Xenon is recommended when a high amount of light, a narrow angle or a long distance range is necessary. Xenon also delivers a bright colour including a large part of the blue spectrum, making it the most suitable for arctic environments.


LED is often chosen for its long lifespan and low cost of ownership (minimum of maintenance). The latest versions of LED searchlights also offer various new advantages: a wide beam LED searchlight is even more suitable for close operations than halogen, while a 463 LED narrow beam is capable of meeting the high demands for use onboard FiFi ships.

Seematz searchlights – over 45 years of experience

Seematz Searchlights are the preferred choice for all shipowners who demand extreme reliability and robustness from their searchlight.


The searchlights are constructed of seawater resistant aluminum and have extra hardened BI-VETRAL safety front panes. The reflectors are made of aluminium (glas is available as an option). Also the electrical setup of the searchlights is carefully designed to remain reliable under the harshest circumstances. 400W heating is optional on 230VAC powered searchlights, which is useful for use in very cold environments.


The backside of the searchlight heads can be opened with quick-release spanners (no tools needed). Also the cable glands are mounted there. Thus, instant removal of a complete plug-in unit is possible, incl. the mirror, lamp, socket and heating. Also, exchanging light bulbs is made much easier.
Deck mounted versions are the most simple and cost effective execution of any searchlight, demanding direct operation from behind the searchlight. Wheelhouse versions, allowing for below deck manual operation, offer a relatively low price alternative to electrically controlled searchlights. Their construction is totally watertight and easy to install even in roofs with thick insulation. Some owners even prefer the accurate and quick control a traditional wheelhouse searchlight offers.


Remote controlled versions (EF type) are designed to be operated from inside the wheelhouse and have become the industry standard.


The EF type searchlight heads are operated from an operation panel, connected to a power supply. EF searchlights can optionally be equipped with focus, zero-position switch and digital position indication. EF searchlights can also be executed as a Tower type, which is especially practical in case a xenon type searchlight (XBO) is installed. In that case, the ballast unit is positioned within the tower.

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